Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I survived my first black Friday shopping trip!!!

I showered before I went to bed last night so I wouldn't have to go out in the cold wet. I said "We ain't going home without a TV!" My Mom woke me at 2:30 a.m. and we were off to Wal-mart! The movies and games were the first thing we saw when we walked in the store. I wanted the Bourne DVDs but they were already gone I did get the Lord of the Ring DVDs and a couple of others. We walked around looking at other stuff and found out we had to get an arm band for the TV so we got that. My Mom wanted one of the eMachines and tried to get an armband for that but they had already given them all away:( So we went back and got in the TV line and we got the Emerson TV for $198:) Went and stood in line and got checkout with no problems.

Got to the car PROBLEM! The locks had frozen. Managed to get ourselves the TV and DVDs in. They wouldn't price match Target because it's too far away so I made the comment that we should go the Wal-mart in the next town. Mom was if you want to. We can. We should have started at that Wal-mart!

They were out of the eMachine but did have a few of the $398 laptops so she got one of those (I think she'll like it better! She's drooling over it right now!) I got the Wii Fit Plus(yes they price matched and it was the last one), a camera, a few more movies (they were out Bourne too), a pair of slippers (that I'm wearing right now and they are sooo warm) some fleece pants, and some towels!

Come home and unloaded everything and realised that I forgot the wall mount for the TV. They didn't have any at the second Wal-mart so went back to the first one. It was about 10:30 there were more people there or least it seemed like it because they were RUDE! They were out of the mounts:(

I enjoyed my black Friday shopping trip. Well except for the last trip to the first Wal-mart. I'll gladly go again if they have something I want! But I'm not starting at the same Wal-mart store.

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