Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sick Stinker

Stinker's sick:( She's never been sick or acted like this so I was so scared. Sunday all she did was lay around and sleep and that is so not her. She only ate a very few pieces of cat food. And she was sneezing a lot. Monday morning she ate more than she had all day Sunday. But she wasn't getting out of going to the vet. Getting into the car to go she grabbed hold the car door but that was the only fight she had in her. It's usually harder to get her out of the car when we get there.

She has a respiratory infection and a fever. She got two shots and some take home medicine that I have to give her.

As soon as we got home she demanded treats and she ate them. Then about an hour later she ate some more.

Yesterday: She was eating better but not much and she was walking around some. I gave Stinker her first dose of medicine yesterday. She ate almost all of it. I don't think she minded the medicine so much (it's flavored) but she really didn't like it being forced into her mouth. I didn't like forcing it in either!

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