Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quilt Club 2011

This year the quilt shop I visit most often is using Thangles for their quilt club. They are offering three different ways to make it, Thimbleberries fabric, batiks, or purple. I picked batiks. If you make it their way it makes a twin size quilt. I however want a larger quilt. Some of the ladies are buying two blocks. I however am using using my stash.

This is month one's blocks. The orange fabrics came out of my stash.

Month two blocks are finished too. The purple is out of my stash.

My Mom's in the club too and "she's" using Thimbleberries fabrics. See how she's in quotes. That's because she has me sewing them for her!  She doesn't want a larger quilt so no extra blocks for her.

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