Monday, July 18, 2011


I stopped at the local produce store and look what I found. Red, yellow and orange peppers!! They were selling them for a dollar or if you bought 15 or more they were only 50 cents!!!  They usually sell for $1.99 or more. So I bought 15 of them. Couldn't pass up that deal!

Stinker inspecting the peppers or wishing someone would open those cat treats.
When I was asked what I was going to do with so many peppers. I said freeze them. From the look I received apparently not everyone knows you can freeze peppers so I thought I'd share how I freeze them.

I chop and/or cut them into strips. Which ever one you prefer. I use the strips in stir fry and fajitas. The chopped get used for pasta sauce, pizza, sloppy joes, and anything else I think needs peppers.

Then I put them in bowls and mix them up so I get a variety of color.
Now I'm wishing I got some green peppers too. Wouldn't that have been pretty!

Then I place them in a snack bag. I just know from experience that that's how much I will use in a meal.
Then place them gallon freezer bags, label and freeze.

When I finished I wished that I had bought more so I went back the next day and bought more peppers. And again forgot to get any green ones. Froze those too. I forgot how many bags I ended up with but it should be enough to last until next year.

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